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I am a baking goddess and have spent my entire life perfecting, researching, and making delectable, delightful, delicious baked goods for friends and family.  I love to make the old favorites, tried and true, but I enjoy trying new twists to old favorites to uncover the most perfect recipes sure to please.  

I use only the best ingredients including quality flours, fresh or locally grown fruits and vegetables, local organic eggs, real bourbon vanilla, made from scratch homemade pie crusts, and my own homemade marshmallow fluff to make all my gourmet baked goods, far superior to the run of the mill store brand varieties.  

             Give me a try you won't be disappointed!

Maybe you want to learn how to make treats yourself, check out my workshops and parties page, pick from those or we can custom design something just for your party or special occasion.

               "The Baking Goddess"

Dawn Gordon

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