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Brownie Delight

July 05, 2017

  • I just wanted to mention how well received, especially the "brownie cake" was with my 27+ relatives on the 4th. That was one hefty brownie and thin slices were plenty as it was so richly delicious. It was really nice that it reminded all of the mint brownies my Mother (also a great baker) used to make. I introduced the "twinkles" as devoid of all the chemicals and better than the original. They were gone quickly. Thank you Dawn, you are indeed a master of your craft and make us look good serving the the product of your efforts. We will be back for more, for sure. I would suggest you create a spot on this site for customer comments. It can only help to spread the word. Nobody in their right mind could possibly find fault with your desserts. (Feel free to use ours as the 1'st.) It was nice to meet you and your husband... Wishing great success with your bakery, Marty & Glendoris Taylor

Cupcakes for everyone!

July 15, 2017

 I ordered a total of four dozen cupcakes for my husband's military retirement BBQ. They were awesome! They were cooked perfectly and topped with an amazing vanilla buttercream frosting that many of our guests were talking about. Thank you Dawn- I can't wait to have another reason to order more delights from your bakery!  Meredith Backus-Oakland, Maine

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